by Mary Shenouda

From the people
From the people
You were the performance chef to work with to get ready for Black Panther Wakanda Forever because you don't just prepare food. You dial in people so they can perform at their best because you understand the minutia of how food fuels us. Your food tastes like intuition. It doesn't taste like a diploma. It tastes like living.
— Lupita Nyongo, Actor
From the people
"Our body is how we make our money so being healthy is the key to a long career and that’s what you want to do: play as long as possible, make as much money as you can for your family. And putting the right things in your body is what can get you through a long season. Having a person who knows your body, there’s really a science to it and you got to go the extra mile for yourself."
— Kevon Looney, NBA Athlete
From the people
I set out on a journey to not only get ripped, but to get healthier. Mary kept me on point with my diet and made sure I had all the right nutrition and energy to do what I needed. I'm doing my best to make sure I can continue to do my job at the highest level for many years to come. I love the way I look and feel. There is no secret drink or pill that’s going to get you ripped. It takes work and lots of it. Find a group that motivates you, find your goal and PUT IN THE WORK.
— Mike (The Miz) Mizanin, WWE Superstar
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From the people
Mary is as passionate as I am about helping individuals reach their full potential and believes that nutrition is the foundational pillar in achieving success. Working with a team of doctors, physical therapists, specialty-focused practitioners, nutritionists, and performance technologies, her ability to identify and curate the specific nutritional and recovery needs of her clients on a micronutrient level—then create delicious meals that help them perform at their peak—is why she was my top choice for consulting.
— Mike Mancias, Chief Human Performance Advisor to LeBron James
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