Embracing the cliché "New year, new you" as a powerful motivator, many of us strive to shed the burdens of the past and reinvent our journey with the turn of the calendar. Life itself often prompts us to reassess, recalibrate, and make substantial changes. Decisions, inherently uncertain, become stepping stones to accumulated experience and wisdom, shaping our readiness for transformative shifts.

In our first episode of 2024, Mary invites you to reflect on three pivotal questions she initiates her year with: What do you want to start doing, stop doing, and continue doing? Honest responses to these inquiries pave the way for a purposeful path in the coming year.

Mary imparts invaluable advice on dietary enhancements for a healthier, more energized body. She explores the intricacies of a gut reset, providing personalized insights into navigating this process successfully.  

The episode also offers a succinct recap of enlightening conversations with revered experts from past interviews. If you haven't tuned in yet, now's the perfect time to dive into these wealths of knowledge. 

What We Discussed:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:17 The 3-question prompt I start my year with
  • 05:20 This is why I have a PhD in uncertainty
  • 08:37 I started simplifying everything in my life
  • 14:56 Recommendations from a performance chef
  • 18:07 What’s my go-to food?
  • 19:41 Ingredients and supplements to consider
  • 22:01 Incorporate small bites of movements throughout the day
  • 23:25 Your emotional well-being is top priority
  • 25:26 The proper way to reset your gut
  • 30:34 Checkout Eat Play Crush podcast’s awesome guests
  • 51:53 What topics do you want me to cover?

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January 04, 2024 — Mary Shenouda