In a very personal episode, Mary sits down to talk about her personal journey. She had suffered a lot in her younger years not knowing she had gluten intolerance and later found out that she had full-blown Celiac. The choice was either to depend on what the doctors tell her and be on medication all her life or start working on herself.

Mary assessed her food choices and stumbled upon a paleo diet and how to restart gut health. As she ventured more into eating food that worked for her, she got her first client which then started the chain of clients that ultimately led to her becoming a performance chef. It’s a journey truly worth sharing. 

In the second part of the episode, Mary answers some questions from her community where she gladly shares her tips on nutrition, proper diet, and eating right for optimal performance.   

What We Discussed:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:12 It’s my birthday week and this is how I started as a performance chef
  • 06:51 Tested for gluten intolerance, came out with Celiac disease
  • 13:47 Getting asked to cook for my first client
  • 17:37 Timing, luck, opportunity, and the choice to follow through
  • 22:37 I just had to leave San Francisco
  • 27:36 Eggs are my go-to food
  • 28:26 Foods that can help with focus
  • 32:25 Thoughts on genetic testing
  • 34:06 Send more jokes
  • 34:53 Trying new food 
  • 37:59 Blue zone diet versus paleo diet
  • 40:19 What has been your favorite thing about starting a podcast?
  • 41:41 Have you celebrated the launch of the EPC podcast?
  • 43:03 I black seed oil worth the hype?
  • 44:16 What movies do I watch?
  • 44:56 How did I learn to make recipes?
  • 47:52 How to become a private chef
  •  55:44 Skin care secrets

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January 11, 2024 — Mary Shenouda