Building a community where you can work on personal growth, be your genuine self, and thrive in what you do best is what we all need. We need people that will push us to our limit and influence us to become better, stronger, and wiser.  

Actor, stuntman, former professional MMA fighter, and entrepreneur Tait Fletcher joins Mary in a vulnerable and genuine conversation about growth and healing. Tait Fletcher is known for his roles in movies and TV shows, including appearances in "Breaking Bad," "John Wick," and "The Mandalorian."  

They kick things off by diving into the quest to understand Mary’s pain and illness, a journey that became the catalyst for significant transformation. They also explore the importance of doing what you love and building on those passions, navigating the complex emotions of always feeling like the 'big kid,' and the profound sense of disconnection from life.

The narrative takes a poignant turn as we address the weight of suicidal thoughts and the crucial act of reaching out to those in need. From the evolution of communities to the film industry's wild twists, the two dive deep into the mysteries of our bodies, the slow road of growth, and the positive impact one can have on their community.

This conversation is a tale of resilience, revelation, and the unwavering pursuit of well-being.  It's a reminder that growth is a journey, and sometimes, all we need to do is keep trying.

What We Discussed:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:59 Figuring out why I was sick and in pain
  • 10:10 Do what you love and build on that
  • 13:40 Are you always the big kid?
  • 15:09 The feeling that you’ve dislocated from life
  • 18:00 Overcoming suicidal thoughts, guilt, and reaching out to someone who’s struggling
  • 23:15 Who is Tait Fletcher?
  • 27:58 Dog Brothers, stick fighting, and martial arts
  • 30:42 Built to be strong, tough, and tenacious
  • 33:11 Community is built and defined differently before 
  • 34:56 From mixed martial arts to building a space to train athletes
  • 44:33 Meeting a Ukrainian mobster and getting introduced to Carl
  • 46:00 Filming at a defunct prison in Santa Fe, getting opportunities in other films
  • 54:45 Pharmaceutical companies are trying to kill us
  • 56:42 Nutrition is a tool to control your life
  • 58:41 We don’t anything about what formulates our body
  • 01:01:11 Putting attention into something that you want to focus on
  • 01:03:46 Getting a concussion during a match
  • 01:05:33 Ignored symptoms, continued training, health neglect
  • 01:12:40 Can head concussions cause other health problems?
  • 01:17:36 Growth is not a light switch, it’s like a slow road
  • 01:19:33 The film business is wild
  • 01:22:43 Logan’s positive effect on his community
  • 01:26:49 You just need to keep trying    
  • 01:32:09 How to find Tait online

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January 26, 2024 — Mary Shenouda