Anxiety is like a tricky friend we all know. It's not just everyday worry; it's that feeling when your mind won't quiet down, and your heart races for no clear reason. It makes normal stuff feel like a big deal. Living with anxiety means sometimes facing those fears and finding moments to relax. It's not a flaw but just part of being human. .  

Reality television personality, actor, author, and podcast host Vinny Guadagnino joins Mary in a raw and authentic conversation about embracing vulnerabilities and overcoming anxiety. They talk about diverse topics, ranging from the initiation into the world of keto to the psychological intricacies of perfectionism. Unfiltered authenticity is championed, emphasizing the importance of being raw and real both online and offline.

Sleep, anxiety, and the profound link between them surface, unveiling the potential for perception change to facilitate better sleep. Practical insights follow, offering tools to train the mind to avoid overreaction. As the episode draws to a close, personal revelations abound—from navigating OCD, structure, and rigidity to gaining a sense of dietary boundaries. The revelation that "your food has a face" serves as a poignant reminder of the often-overlooked interconnectedness of our choices. 

What We Discussed:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:26 Can we share our weaknesses openly?
  • 04:43 It was the best party ever that I didn’t get to enjoy
  • 07:40 Constantly working on getting through severe anxiety
  • 09:21 When did you start doing keto?
  • 16:04 Perfectionism is the core issue of everything
  • 19:10 Just being raw and real online and offline
  • 20:56 When you start to fear not being able to sleep
  • 25:40 What is Jersey Shore?
  • 28:40 Why did it become a hit?
  • 30:49 It was the first of its kind
  • 31:31 I almost had a law degree
  • 32:24 Do you get fulfillment from doing reality TV?
  • 34:06 What makes us feel different? 
  • 36:59 I didn’t want to limit myself
  • 39:00 Link between lack of sleep and heightened anxiety
  • 45:06 The perception change to help you sleep better
  • 52:14 You can train your brain to not overreact 
  • 55:02 OCD, structure, rigidity, and perfectionism
  • 59:16 Getting a sense of what you can and can’t eat
  • 01:02:59 What is something people don’t know about you?
  • 01:05:14 Your food has a face

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February 01, 2024 — Mary Shenouda