Jay Ferruggia is more than a fitness coach; he's a legend in the industry. With a remarkable journey that began in the underground gym scene and led to global recognition as a fitness expert. He’s works with athletes and organizations across the NFL, MLB, and WWE both from a strength and conditioning perspective but also being recognized as a leader in player development when it comes to mental toughness, connection, and leadership.

In this episode, we'll have a candid conversation with Jay as he shares his remarkable journey from the early days in the underground gym scene to becoming a globally recognized fitness expert with stops along the way from his health scare, heavy Hip Hop influence, and why he things improv belongs in every sports organization.

Join me as we uncover the secrets to Jay's success and delve into how he connects with people on a deeper level to foster transformation. You'll discover that the path to a stronger, healthier, and happier you might be simpler than you think and maybe add as song or two to your training playlist.

What We Discussed:

00:00 Intro

02:13 Jay’s journey in sports training

04:22 There was no concrete marketing strategy

06:42 Coaching with attitude and results resonated with anyone

08:56 Bringing swag in the gym

10:04 Surviving tuberculosis and hitting rock bottom

12:13 Talking recovery slow and started training people

13:22 Getting recognition from local media and started making money

14:12 Overspent hard earned money and eventually went broke

16:43 Jay rebuilds himself and started started getting book deals and magazine

19:54 First time inviting people over and it felt so natural

20:41 Getting tattoos to boost your ego

21:48 Hip-hop influence on training and culture

23:10 Creating a culture of unity and solid support for each other

25:17 Jay shares how to create an atmosphere of unity and build relationships in any crowd

30:30 The three elements of charisma to break down anyone’s wall

31:36 This is what you need to do to get better at what you do

34:48 The ability to make a quick connection and being fully present with someone

37:13 Getting genuine interest and attention from the person you just met

40:34 How do you approach someone who looks nervous and uncomfortable?  

42:32 Introduction to improv in sports

47:40 Becoming comfortable in public speaking 

51:01 Getting learning and influence from leaders in the industry

55:17 Breaking free from the overtraining myth

57:01 Different training approach for different body types

1:00:28 Understanding minimal effective dose

1:03:25 Prioritizing nutrition and sleep

1:06:48 Wacky dances and gift of friendship 

1:09:44 What’s next for jay?

1:13:22 Writing your own rules 

1:16:40 Imposter syndrome

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November 22, 2023 — Mary Shenouda