Max Lugavere is a health expert breaking boundaries in nutrition and wellness. With bestselling books like Genius Foods and Genius Kitchen, he's shown how food and health are a power duo. His podcast, The Genius Life, is a sanctuary for millions seeking health enlightenment. Max is also a familiar face on TV, from The Rachael Ray Show, The Today Show, PBS’s Brief but Spectacular, and The Doctors, along with features in VICE, Fast Company, The New York Times, People Magazine, and CNN. 

In this episode, Max shares his journey from the glitz of TV hosting to the depth of health and nutrition advocacy. He shares the ups and downs of his career transition, moving away from the camera's allure to discover a new purpose. Hear about the twists and challenges that reshaped Max's path, including moments of doubt and family health crisis.

Join us as Max also opens up about vulnerability, the changing tides of relationships, and the pursuit of a purpose-driven life. Explore his insights on health, fitness, and even the intricacies of stable relationships in the modern world. This episode will surely teach you how to live a genius life!

What We Discussed:

00:00 Intro

01:34 Max’s journey from med school to filmmaking

04:39 Working for Al Gore

07:11 Becoming a hand model 

08:37 Co-hosting and balancing screen time 

09:56 Not knowing what to do after the job ended

13:04 Being vulnerable and emotional

14:02 People turning their back on you as soon as you become no value to them

16:11 Trusting the process during challenging times

21:49 How Max’s passion for health was awaken

25:57 Advocating for dementia

28:03 Fortune cookie messages and manifestation

31:24 Deciding to go all in on something

33:17 Max’s formula to success

36:08 How to accept criticisms

38:36 Max on releasing a documentary 

41:45 Advice for someone who wants to prioritize their wellness

47:58 Adapting diets for changing needs

49:58 Exploring concussion-related health issues

52:03 How reading a book about ketogenic diet influenced his bodybuilding journey

54:43 Heavy lifting, muscle growth, and injury risks

57:48 Max shares the positive impact of change on his overall well-being

1:00:13 How to date when you’re purpose driven?

1:01:08 Going through life stages and finding meaning in relationships

1:03:44 Being in a relationship with someone who has their life together

1:05:10 What does stability look like?

1:06:11 It’s okay to not know everything in life

1:08:07 Max’s non-negotiable habits

1:09:44 Rediscovering simple flavors in cooking

1:12:31 Opinion on eating oatmeal before workout

1:14:51 The debate around sugars and sweeteners

1:16:59 What’s next for Max?

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November 29, 2023 — Mary Shenouda