Before the success of Deuce Gym, Logan Gelbrich was a professional baseball player turned fitness professional and entrepreneur. He is known for his work in the fitness and wellness industry, particularly in the realm of strength and conditioning. His expertise extends to areas like strength training, functional fitness, and holistic well-being.

As a former athlete himself, Logan understood the importance of strength training. When he founded the Deuce Gym, his goal was to create a safe space for people, especially aspiring athletes, to develop and maximize their full potential. 

Logan sits down with Mary to talk about the early days of Deuce Gym and why he built it, insights on creating value from a successful CEO, the nuances of leadership, the challenges of reconciling troubles, and the art of making sacrifices for small wins. 

We also touch on personal struggles amid growing success, understanding when to stay grounded in the most challenging situations, fostering meaningful connections ultimately leading to a bonded community, and the profound impact of pursuing your purpose while in service to others.

With Logan's continuous journey for personal growth, we get to listen to his approach to creative problem-solving, and the commitment to showing up better every day. Explore the world Logan is building and gain insights into when one truly knows they've made it.

What We Discussed:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:49 Who is Logan Gelbrich?
  • 07:02 Leaving the corporate life and moving into LA
  • 09:54 Creating a space for anyone to aspire to reach their highest potential
  • 12:59 Exposing yourself to high performers
  • 18:21 It started off with a very singular mindset
  • 19:39 How to create value from a successful CEO
  • 23:16 From an underdog team to hosting the game
  • 27:51 Pursuing peak performances and flow state
  • 31:56 How to not be a leader when you’re supposed to be one
  • 34:49 The true meaning of leadership
  • 40:46 Our troubles generally exceed our ability to reconcile
  • 48:28 Sacrifices for the little moments, for the small wins
  • 55:15 Feeling sad despite the growing success
  • 59:51 It’s not flexing, it’s shrinking to not stand out
  • 01:01:50 How do you keep yourself grounded?
  • 01:05:34 Having meaningful connections with people
  • 01:08:57 The Hold the Standard Summit 
  • 01:11:42 Adaptive leadership addresses two types of challenges
  • 01:14:33 The creation of Deuce gym
  • 01:17:24 Traversing the gap between where we are and where we can be
  • 01:19:45 Creative problem solving while pivoting to a different business industry
  • 01:24:49 Growth comes when life grows on them
  • 01:29:53 How can you show up better?
  • 01:34:10 Why asking for honest feedback is difficult
  • 01:38:07 Community support does wonders for people
  • 01:39:57 When do you know if you've made it?
  • 01:42:15 Where to find Logan online

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December 14, 2023 — Mary Shenouda