Today I welcome a good friend of mine and thought leader, Mark Groves. Mark Groves is a human connection specialist, motivational speaker, and author who is known for his work in the field of personal development and relationships. He often shares insights and advice on topics related to self-improvement, emotional intelligence, and building healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Mark is the creator of “Create the Love” platform, where he offers guidance and resources to help people navigate the complexities of modern relationships. In this episode we dive deep into the intricacies of personal growth and meaningful relationships.

We also talk about learning to trust ourselves, the power of walking away and choosing to prioritize self-care by developing healthy mind and body rituals.  

Whether you're seeking insights into personal development, relationship dynamics, or the keys to lasting happiness, this episode offers a wealth of wisdom and inspiration. 

Episode highlights: 

00:00 Intro 

00:30: Intro question: Dropped off at LAX, what car would you be driving and what song is playing?

02:50: How we met

03:30 Mark’s experience with the gut reset 

06:15 Men and their inverse relationship to sensitivity and how it correlated with the fast 

10:30 The importance of mastering your impact 

15:00 Marks past relationship and when he wanted to call it off 

19:00 Internal conflicts and how they impact our external 

20:05 The realization that really helped Mark leave the relationship 

24:40 The perspective shift that he needed 

25:17 “Do you want to step up?”

32:30 What led Mark to research relationships and they truth of staying together 

39:45 What inspired “Create the Love” 

45:15 Relationship advice that has evolved over time 

49:30 “Am I still curious?”

54:00 Understanding that your partner may not be the priority in your life

58:25 How to do things that make us both come alive and the importance of having individual purpose 

01:02:14 The power of contributions in relationships

01:05:02 Mark unpacks his relational pattern 

01:09:20 The most powerful words your partner can say 

01:14:30 The closing ceremony 

01:21:25  Shifting focus from chasing someone to focus on myself 

01:22:30 When we get what we need through lessons 

01:26:45 The power of clarity and alignment 

01:29:15 Finding richness in being alone before entering a relationship

01:31:50 Allowing space to freely express emotions including anger 

01:35:55 The influence culture plays on relationships 

01:39:00 How negative emotions invite us to reflect 

01:39:55 The power of honoring your truth 


November 15, 2023 — Mary Shenouda